Wheelchair Seating & Mobility

Mobility and Seating

I have been involved with and interested in wheelchair /seating evaluation and recommendation since my internship in a VA Spinal Cord Center while I was in PT school. This continued throughout my work at CCS after I graduated and in my work in private practice after that.

Over the last 5+ years, I’ve had the opportunity to expand my knowledge, expertise and skills in this area by focusing exclusively on wheelchair seating for part of each week. I have extensive experience in evaluation for both manual and power wheelchairs, including recommendations for advanced “off the shelf” rehab seating systems as well as the fabrication of customized seating systems.

I strongly feel a mobility device should be a tool to help you live your life to the fullest and to maximize your health and independence. To meet this goal, I feel a thorough clinical evaluation as well as a thorough trial and measurement for specific bases and seating system is necessary.

I want to work as a team with you, the DME provider of your choice and your physician to best meet your needs. Additionally, I have been continuing to hone my skills in writing letters of medical necessity that meet the ever-changing requirements of third party payer sources.

  • I will come to your home, or meet you at your DME provider’s office, for your initial clinical evaluation
  • Then we will schedule a follow up appointment with your DME provider for final equipment selection and specification.
  • I will produce the line-item documentation to justify the medical needs for each item recommended.
  • Finally, I will offer a follow-up appointment at or after delivery to ensure your independence with positioning and functioning with your equipment in order to maximize your satisfaction and function.

I want all wheelchair users to expect a thorough evaluation of his/her clinical needs and a thorough explanation of his/her equipment options. Whether you are seeking evaluation for your first mobility device or you’ve been using one for decades, your needs TODAY must be evaluated based on your current physical strengths and limitations as well as your current functional needs.

I look forward to having the honor to serve you as part of this team approach!